TIAA-CREF Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA)


TIAA-CREF Supplemental Retirement Plans provide tax-deferred savings and let you put away more for retirement beyond your basic retirement plan. Money goes straight from your paycheck to an investment account, reducing your current income taxes. Your potential investment earnings won't be taxable until you withdraw them in retirement. 

Contributions are voluntary additional amounts you make on your own. The Internal Revenue Code limits the total amount you can contribute. Most employees can contribute a maximum of $18,000 in 2016. You may be able to contribute more if you have 15 years of service or are 50 or older. Please consult with TIAA-CREF or your tax or financial advisor for further information on contribution limits.


Key Points

  • The employee can elect to begin, change the amount contributed or stop participation at anytime.
  • Contributions may be allocated (in whole number percentages) in any manner.

Questions/Contact Information

For questions about this retirement plan, log in the TIAA-CREF website at www.tiaa-cref.org, contact TIAA-CREF at 1-800-842-2252 to speak with a consultant or contact your Benefits Coordinator.


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