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TIAA-CREF (Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association-College Retirement Equities Fund) is a 403(b) voluntary tax sheltered annuity plan. The employee is 100% vested upon enrollment.   

TIAA-CREF offers variable annuity accounts to include CREF Stock, Global Equities, Growth, Equity Index, Real Estate, Bond Market, Inflation-Linked Bond, Money Market and Social Choice. They also offer a Guaranteed Annuity Account.
All full-time employees are eligible to elect this retirement plan upon hire.
NOTE: The election of a retirement plan is a one-time, irrevocable decision for the length of employment at NWACC.
Contribution Rates
  • Contributory Plan: The employee contribution rate is four percent (4%) of gross earnings. The college contribution rate is ten percent (10%) of the employee’s gross earnings.
  • Non-Contributory Plan: The employee does not contribute to the plan. The college contribution rate is six percent (6%) of the employee’s gross earnings.
Questions/Contact Information

For questions about this retirement plan, visit the TIAA-CREF website at www.tiaa-cref.org,  contact TIAA-CREF at 1-800-842-2776 and speak with a consultant or contact your Benefits Coordinator.