Quality of Work Life at NWACC

Quality of Work Life (QWL) can be defined as the satisfaction a person develops for his or her career, allowing them to enhance their personal lives through their work and work environment. This is achieved through professional development opportunities, equal opportunities for advancement within the organization, and providing employees the tools needed to perform their jobs appropriately, just to name a few. Optimal work-life balance facilitates increased job satisfaction and retention, more cohesive working conditions, organization effectiveness, and creates value for an individual.

The Quality of Work Life committee was organized in February of 2013 as an HR committee.  The committee quickly realized its first task would be to define quality of work life, the result of which is seen above.  The second task was to establish a benchmark for how the quality of work life is perceived by NWACC employees. In April of 2013 the committee launched the first NWACC Quality of Work Life Survey for Staff, the results of which were discussed with employees on Staff Development Day 2013.  Faculty will have the opportunity to participate in the NWACC Quality of Work Life Survey at the beginning of Fall semester 2013.

The committee has since transitioned into a task force and d a proposal for a Quality of Work Life AQIP Action Project has been accepted.  Focus groups for faculty and staff are slated to be held in Fall 2013.  We look forward to  increasing awareness about quality of work life and exploring ways to make "QWL" at NWACC the best it can be.

Current QWL Task Force Members:

Beverly Hill, Chair, Employee Relations Specialist
Pam Belcher, Professional Development Coordinator
Barb Gordon, HR Benefits and Wellness Coordinator
Steve Cooper, Faculty