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NWACC provides its full-time benefit eligible employees Term Life and AD&D insurance and Long-Term Disability insurance.   Coverage begins the first of the month following 60 days of employment. You must be actively at work and able to perform all normal duties of your job to be eligible for coverage. Your employer pays 100% of the premium for this coverage. 

  • LIFE and AD&D
$20,000 Basic Life Insurance and AD&D (Accidental Death & Dismemberment)
Benefits are subject to age reductions. The Benefit Summary gives you an overview of this plan.
At the insured person’s death, the amount of life insurance will be paid to the surviving beneficiary.  If you become disabled, there is an elimination period before benefits are payable.
Benefit amount is equivalent to 60% of your before-tax monthly earnings not to exceed the $5000 less other income sources. Benefits begin 90 days after the onset of your disabling injury or illness. The Benefit Summary gives you an overview of this plan.
For claim information contact your Benefits Coordinator.

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