Question: Regarding the language of the Technical Proposal to adopt CAEL’s ELA Program.
          Answer: This will not change without approval from DOL.

Question:  Regarding costs associated with the PLA and no budget:  Will each institution absorb those costs and is there flexibility from the DOL?
$750 per student.

Question: Can professional development funds be utilized to see the Emporium model.
Put it in writing and submit to see if it will fit within the guidelines.

Question: When will professional development process be in place?
It is in process.

Question: PACE approved students that are required to take the compass pre and post – can POST be paid by PACE funds?
No – cannot utilize PACE funds for student assistance. If there is anything different being requested, please send an email and other options will be explored.

Question: Time and Effort – for all personnel – does this get sent to NWACC?
Keep these on file at each campus. It is not necessary to send with reimbursement requests.

Question: Participant tracking – is this for all dev. ed. or just the pathways?
Additional clarifications will be forthcoming. This was a significant concern at the DC meetings.

Question: What is the work plan/timeline? Page 20 has huge numbers for students who are being assessed in the strategy. What happens to those numbers?
Clarification will be sought before progressing too far into this issue. Participant tracking will require significant planning.

Question: Since CAEL PLA are no longer required/exempted and no longer required to use for all students and just for targeted pathways, can local strategies be developed?





For more information about PACE please contact LaVeta Key