Learning, Improvement, Fun and Empowerment (LIFE)

LIFE Summer Program Dates are June 14 - 16, 2016

What is LIFE?

The LIFE program is a near-peer mentor program that develops college students to become leaders both on the college campus and in our community. LIFE Mentors in turn inspire high school students while breaking the barriers that often limit underserved youth to pursue a higher education. LIFE is an educational and empowerment program that works with area high school students and will include a three-day dynamic summer program with lots of learning, lots of fun, and lots of possible awards!


The LIFE program will provide education, empowerment tools, and motivation to underserved High School students. This will be accomplished by focusing on Learning, Improvement, Fun, and Empowerment. The program will also work closely with other key NWACC staff and faculty that might are associated with and/or invested in the same goals of the program.

Mission Statement

The LIFE program will strive to provide empowerment and create the desire for and the access to quality higher educational opportunities for students, to promote student success during and after their enrollment in the LIFE program, and to create an atmosphere of acceptance and cultural celebration by linking all communities and peoples.

Goals and Objectives

To reach out to High School students who have potential to benefit from this program. The focus will be on educating students for LIFE, not only for college. Emphasis will be on empowering students to believe they can create a brighter future for themselves and emphasize that education is key in achieving that:
•    To increase knowledge about postsecondary opportunities among students and families.
•    To empower and motivate participants to set academic, career and personal goals for their future.
•    To engage community members and leaders in the summer program that will encourage participants to broaden the perspective of community.
•    To create a caring environment where participants feel comfortable transitioning to higher education.
•    To provide positive role models both from community leader involvement and NWACC mentors, faculty, and staff involvement.
•    To teach responsibility towards learning and education.
•    To teach skills that will increase participant's ability to plan and improve decision making skills.
•    To demonstrate that fun with responsibility can improve learning.

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For more information please contact:
Codie Ryan Cryan2@nwacc.edu 479-619-4180
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