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  Business and Company ASAP
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Database Information

"Business and Company ASAP provides not just more data, but the right content for business research. Covering practical business issues in every business-related area, this database integrates a wide variety of sources unmatched by any competing database. Business and Company ASAP delivers every type of information your library users need for truly comprehensive business research: full-text journals, investment reports, directory listings and newswire releases, as well as indexing of three national newspapers. " -- Gale Website

Local-area business titles such as Crain's Detroit Business
National magazines such as Forbes and Inc.
Trade journals like Tax Executive
Full-text investment reports on thousands of private and public companies
Full-text listings from Ward's Business Directory and Graham and Whiteside's Major Companies of the World
Full-text PR Newswire releases

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Business and Company ASAP

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