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  African American Experience
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"Drawing on myriad sources and assembled with the guidance of leading librarians, AAE gives voice to the African American experience from its African origins to the present day. This vast and accessible database covers history, biographies, literature, arts, music, popular culture, folklore, business, slavery, the struggle for civil rights, politics, sports, education, science, and other themes. The African American Experience is regularly updated with new content, additional documents, and innovative multimedia. Additionally, the Idea Exchange section—available only with ABC-CLIO databases—offer informative, scholarly essays on topics that are mainstays of community college and undergraduate writing assignments." -- ABC-CLIO Website

Contains primary documents, including slave narratives, speeches, statistics, statistics, and other documentation
Provides thesis-driven, peer-reviewed scholarly essays within the exclusive Idea Exchange sections
Provides material directly tied to associated primary source documents, images, and other classroom resources
Includes 1,500 photographs, maps, and other images

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African American Experience

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