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Search the college/university web site
Some universities have limits on the number of out-of-state transfer students they accept.
GPA requirements are sometimes higher for some majors/programs than institution requirements.
Look up the college/university’s general (core) courses.
Go to the department of your major is in and look at the requirements for your major. Be sure you
know what to take at NWACC that will transfer into your major (not just the college/university).
Check to see if they have a designated transfer counselor in admissions to help you.
9-12 months prior to expected transfer
Check the College/university application deadline.
Review the program/major requirements and application deadlines.
Check scholarship deadlines and apply for as many that you feel you qualify for.
Housing deadlines come early—plan ahead. If you plan to live off-campus, ask if there is someone on campus to help you find appropriate housing close to campus.
6 months before expected transfer (may be earlier at some institutions)
Apply to the institution by priority deadline, when possible.
In addition to your institution application, send an official transcript (you are required to send official transcripts from all colleges attended). Usually your application will not be processed without an official transcript on file. Remember to send another transcript when you finish your semester or after each course(s) you finish at NWACC. You must keep your new institution transcript current.
Send immunization records.
Once you have been accepted
When you receive your acceptance letter, you will be told to sign up for orientation or to see an advisor to select classes. You need to respond   immediately so that you can select courses as soon as possible.
Keep in mind that your advisor may be a general transfer advisor or may be a faculty advisor in your major department.
Travel to your new campus and take a guided tour when possible. Most admission offices offer them regularly—just call. If you are not able to go during scheduled tours, at least go on campus and walk around and familiarize yourself with buildings.
If you have questions or are looking for a way to connect to your new college, contact the NWACC Transfer Center. Look for planned activities on campus and at your new college/university on the Transfer Center Resources Page.


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information presented as factual; however errors may exist.  Always countercheck facts when considering their use in other applications.


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