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Juxtaposed between the classical brilliance of the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Italian tomato farmers of South Jersey, Chef Tuesday Eastlack began her creative life on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.


A young restaurant cook with “soup in the blood” Chef Tuesday arrived in New Orleans just in time to learn the secrets of the old Creole chefs by studying with Executive Chef Samuel Pearson at the St. Charles Hotel. Acquiring the technical skills required of sous chef she then traveled extensively; working in resorts and hotels under the direction of many great European chefs: Suisse Chef Michel DuPreux (Waldorf Astoria), French Chef Christian Finance (La Mira Belle). In Key Largo she began to manage her own kitchens while working with fresh seafood. Hired as executive chef for international hotelier, Moey Segal, Eastlack returned to New Orleans to manage food service operations in the 43 story Plaza Towers.

For 25 years Chef Tuesday worked as an executive chef. Her celebrated career has been featured in the NY Times, Ford Times Magazine, Arkansas Times, Arkansas Business Journal, and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, as well as several TV and radio interviews. During this time, she cooked for many celebrities and heads of state including the King of Thailand and President George H. Bush.

She began the transition to teaching part time in 2000 at Fayetteville High while developing food service operations for University of Arkansas Athletics. In 2009 her students won the Arkansas ProStart competition and appeared in Guy Fieri’s “Top of the Class” on the Food Network Channel. Chef Tuesday currently teaches at NorthWest Arkansas Community College

Professional affiliations:

Ozark Natural Foods, Board Chair
American Culinary Federation
Apple Seeds Inc
Skills USA

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