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YouTube Advertising

(4-6 hours)


Section 1:  YouTube Advertising for Your Business

Why Google AdWords for Video? This overview discusses alternatives, and busts some myths, about video ads. Discover why this underappreciated and underutilized platform is an affordable and effective way to reach new customers, build awareness among a targeted demographic or geography, and increase traffic by up to 20% ... while only paying when people watch. Learn why video ads are as effective as TV, why going viral isn't required, and where to get the resources you need to launch an effective campaign.

Section 2:  Making a Client Video

You've got a remarkable story to tell. And you can find an audience for that story with the power of video and the scale of YouTube. Find out how to plan ahead with eight tips for scripts, shooting techniques, video editing, and uploading to YouTube.

Section 3:  Promoting Your Videos In YouTube

Your video is live, but now how do you make sure the right people see it? Finding your audience is easier than you might think. Greg's got a series of simple steps to help you master your video campaign, from logging in to a Google AdWords account to creating a call-to-action overlay. You'll have a clear path to reaching your campaign goals.

Section 4:  Next Steps With Your Video

You've launched your video campaign, so what's next? Now it's time for the cycle of testing, learning, and improving. Learn what it takes to monitor your views, traffic sources, and behaviors. Then compare your results to those of your competitors, and gather insights from YouTube Analytics reports. No more guessing... you'll be making data driven decisions about the future of your campaigns.