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Segmentation: Keys to Analytics Success

(4-6 hours)


Section 1: Hands On: Building Segments

What's all that data in your analytics tool mean, and how can you put the information to good use? One word: Segmentation. Take a tour of one tool, Google Analytics, to see the process of building and applying segments to your available data. Once you understand the difference between metrics, dimensions, and segments, you'll be able to make informed data-driven marketing decisions.

Section 2: Segmentation Rocks

In this introduction to web analytics segmentation Avinash shares a few tips for easily segmenting your data and why segmenting is an excellent strategy for gaining insights into your visitors.

Section 3: Five Actionable Segmentation Ideas

Avinash walks you through five easy ways to segment your data using analytics software from Google Analytics, ClickTracks, and IndexTools and what actions you can take with your new insights. Don't worry. The ideas explained in this video can be used in any analytics tool.

Section 4: Google Analytics Features: Segmentation

Avinash walks you through the capabilities built into Google Analytics and explains why they take analytics data to a whole new dimension.


Intro to Segmentation: Segment Absolutely Everything

Advanced Segmentation in Google Analytics