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Learn the ROPES: Challenge Course for Teambuilding

Ropes Picture--The WallThe Ropes Challenge Course is an experiential adventure program which offers groups and individuals the opportunity to participate in a series of activities involving mental, physical, and emotional risk taking.

Safety and cooperation, as well as individual achievement, are essential to the program. These qualities are emphasized by trained instructors who guide groups through the course. The Ropes Course offers participants an opportunity to increase their communication skills, while becoming effective at group problem solving.

For a truly unique and cost-effective learning opportunity, talk to our Business Development Training Specialists about how you can combine a Ropes Challenge with an Achieve Global®, leadership, teamwork, or customer service workshop!

Ropes PictureLow Rope Activities:
group-oriented problem solving tasks that foster teamwork and cooperation, enhancing communication and problem solving

Ropes PictureHigh Rope Activities:
individual-oriented tasks designed to take people out of their comfort zone to build confidence and self-esteem

To schedule the Ropes Course or for more information, please e-mail sreagan@nwacc.edu or

contact us at 479-936-5108.