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Internet Marketing for Small Business: Strategies

(8-10 hours)


Section 1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You'll get a primer on effective keywords research that will help you find the most valuable terms to focus on. Then learn how to design your pages to give the search engines what they're looking for, and develop a real content strategy that satisfies both the engines and your visitors. Plus, you'll hear the top 18 factors that make for successful search rankings.

Section 2: Social Media Marketing

Create a more organized and effect social media strategy, starting with using your blog as a home base. Learn to start with more realistic goals, and match your tactics to those goals. Then get a three part series on finding and communicating with influential bloggers and tastemakers in your niche or industry to help amplify your message.

Section 3: PPC Marketing Techniques

It's not enough to just get people to click your ads; you need to guide them to landing pages that compel them to convert into customers. First, learn how to adjust your PPC campaign settings for maximum reach, and choose the best ad networks, to generate even more traffic. Then, discover advanced techniques for landing page testing, and use the data you gather to build better pages that convert more of that traffic.