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Going Viral: Executing Your Viral Marketing Campaign Idea 

(4-6 hours)


Section 1: What is Viral Marketing?

In this first part of the Viral Marketing series we will look at the basic ideas behind viral marketing. Jennifer covers the basic questions and concepts about viral marketing. What it is? Why do people use it? Why is it so effective? Follow the steps in this six part series, and be prepared for your audience to experience massive growth.

Section 2: What Drives the Spread?

When it comes to creating an exceptional social media marketing campaign, it's important to not only make sure it has reach but also to be able to control the spread of the campaign. In this video Jennifer explains what drives campaign spread and how you can take advantage of igniting your viral campaign.

Section 3: Qualities of a Viral Idea

In this video Jennifer shows you the traits that are essential to having a successful viral marketing campaign. Jennifer uses examples of existing popular marketing campaigns to illustrate how various companies have had success with viral marketing techniques and shows you what you can do to have similar successes.

Section 4: Brainstorming Ideas

Are your social media marketing efforts as successful as you'd like them to be? Learn Jennifer's top tips about igniting viral campaigns and how you should go about brainstorming ideas to figure out what your campaign should promote.

Section 5: Matching Campaign to Goal

Are you having some trouble or rough spots when creating your viral marketing campaign using social media? Jennifer is here to help! In this video, you'll see how to create a campaign that revolves around meeting your company specific goals.

Section 6: Orchestrating the Launch

Successful social marketing campaigns are essential for most businesses, but hard to create. The key is to ignite a viral campaign using social media. In this video Jennifer focuses on orchestrating the launch of your campaign and having a successful pitch.