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I have applied and applied for jobs in the Wal-Mart/Vendor world.  Each time getting rejected without ever getting a chance for even an interview.  One day, a Wal-Mart Vendor recruiter took a look at my resume and said, "This resume is very impressive, however, you lack any retail experience."  She then proceeded to tell me about the Retail Link program through NWACC.  I signed up and before graduating, I got an interview and a job with the Sam's Club Home Office. 

This program is very helpful when you get into your job.  Already know(ing) the foreign world of Retail Link before starting gave me a real leg up in my training.

~Cyndel Young


The CRA program at NWACC is exactly what I needed to breakthrough into the supplier community.  The skills I learned have been foundational to my new career.

~Wes Walker


The experience I gained from the CRA program was great, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to break in to the vendor community.  Also, the portfolio was extremely important in landing this job!

~ Brad Cothran


I was a Montessori school teacher and wanted to enter the retail world.  (I) was searching online about the courses offered at NWACC.  This program has a lot of good information about what the Wal-Mart and Vendor world needs and the Retail Link experience it gave me is awesome.  It's like you are already working for the company.

I was not quite sure in the beginning but the experience the program gave me helps me in my career.  I would say that this program opened the gates for me to get a job at Wal-Mart.  The portfolio (project) that we do throughout the program really, really helped me during my interview and it speaks for itself.  My hiring manager was very impressed and it gave them the confidence that I am already familiar with all the retail techniques and terms.

The portfolio really helps you to start a conversation about how comfortable you are working with Retail Link.  My thanks go to the team that put this program together and to the instructors who really motivate you and prepare you for the job market.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who wished to enter the retail industry.

~Neena S.