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Clarifying Performance Expectations™ (4-Hours)


The ability to set and reset performance expectations swiftly and in a straightforward manner is a critical skill for all performance leaders. This module provides a process for handling conversations about work expectations in a way that reduces ambiguity, increases trust, and strengthens the working relationship between the manager and employee. The purpose of this module is to provide participants with the skills to discuss performance expectations with others in a way that increases their sense of ownership and gains their commitment.

At the end of the module, participants will be able to:

  • Identify when a performance expectation discussion is necessary.
  • Respond effectively to questions and concerns people have about work priorities and goals.
  • Use the key actions to hold a productive discussion about expectations.
  • Clarify expectations in a way that increases employees’ ability to manage more of their job responsibilities on their own.


Want to enroll?  Contact Stacy Reagan at 479-936-5108!