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Sales Effectiveness Training


Sales Process Consulting
Due to the dynamic nature of today's marketplace, achieving superior sales performance is more of a journey than a destination. At Achieve Global, sales management courses utilize a best practice approach for addressing our clients' needs for improved sales performance. Beginning from the customer perspective, we utilize our considerable breadth and depth of sales management consulting to examine and address sales effectiveness approached holistically.

DEFINE — Business leaders define strategy.

Strategy owners need to ensure that the sales strategy is clearly understood and consistently executed by everyone in the organization. How do sales force automation, performance management, compensation, development, selection, and other key processes and systems help support achievement of the strategy?

Achieve Global's sales process consultants work with the executive level of your organization to ensure that your sales solution effectively achieves lasting results — for your customers and for your organization. Because your situation is unique, we tailor our sales management courses to leverage your strengths and address the critical issues.

DIRECT — Senior leaders direct the practices and processes. 

Sales Performance Process Mapping
Develop a sales process map — including key activities, critical tasks, and performance measures — that provides a consistent model for business development and for setting performance expectations.
Audience: Executives - senior leaders
Length: Varies

DEVELOP — Managers develop the individuals, processes and systems.

Professional Sales Coaching™
Apply a conceptual framework, communication skills and planning tools to reinforce the skills employees learned in Professional Selling Skills®.
Audience: Sales managers and coaches who have completed Professional Selling Skills®
Length: 2 days

DELIVER — Individuals deliver results through productive behaviors.

Account Management

Winning Account Strategies™
Learn a five-step strategy for maximizing sales opportunities and relationships within key accounts.
Audience: Experienced salespeople and their managers
Length: 2 days

Sales Call Management

Salespeople require skills and processes that effectively and efficiently conduct sales calls from the opening statement until close — resulting in an informed, mutually beneficial decision. Salespeople need to master information exchange, overcoming customer concerns and negotiating, in order to succeed in their sales conversations.

Professional Selling Skills®
Become a consultative problem-solver in face-to face sales situations, and take customers through the steps of the sales cycle.
Audience: New and experienced sales professionals
Length: 3 days

Professional Selling Skills® Online
Experience a technology-based alternative to Achieve Global's powerful Professional Selling Skills® classroom training for face-to-face selling. Benefit from an interactive platform that equips you with the skills needed to develop lasting, mutually beneficial customer relationships.
Audience: New and experienced sales professionals
Length: 4 hours online plus 1-2 day follow-up workshop.

Professional Selling Skills® Rx
Increase sales to demanding and time-stretched medical professionals using a powerful, consultative pharmaceutical-specific approach.
Audience: New and experienced sales professionals and their marketing and support staffs
Length: 1-3 days

Professional Skills for Inside Selling™
Plan and execute sales conversations tailored to the inside selling environment, leading to informed, mutually beneficial buying decisions and long-term customer relationships.
Audience: Experienced salespeople and their managers
Length: 2 days

Advanced Selling Techniques:

Professional Sales Presentations™
Develop presentations focused on customer needs and present that information effectively using appropriate delivery techniques and visuals to move the sale forward.
Audience: Experienced sales professionals and managers
Length: 2 days

Professional Sales Negotiations™
Negotiate mutually satisfying agreements with customers, and understand how and when to negotiate effectively.
Audience: Experienced sales professionals and sales managers
Length: 2 days

Selling In a Competitive World™
Learn the skills needed to achieve more success in competitive selling situations: advanced probing, competitive analysis, and value proposition creation.
Audience: Experienced sales professionals and managers
Length: 2 days

Market Management
Salespeople utilize skills and processes in this area to focus on facilitating sales conversations through managing time, territories, and prospecting efforts in order to operate efficiently and keep a full pipeline of opportunity.

Professional Prospecting Skills™
Benefit from new ways to efficiently and effectively initiate new business relationships through prospecting. Learn a three-phase approach to prospecting: Prepare, Contact, and Assess.
Audience: Salespeople and their managers
Length: 2 days


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