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Achieve Global® is the world leader in helping organizations translate business strategies into business results by developing the skills and performance of their people.

Achieve Global® training consist of relevant, research-based content that drives results! 

As an Achieve Global® partner, NWACC Corporate Learning can provide unique training opportunities for your company.


Accelerating Team Productivity

Leaders are faced with the dilemma of developing enhanced teamwork along a fast timeline.  These classes are designed to help leaders focus teams on key results and outputs, build energy  and momentum toward achieving goals, negotiate on their team’s behalf and handle difficult dynamics within a team that impact performance.   These modules will explore today’s workplace challenges and the need for accelerating performance through teamwork.  They will also provide the skills and tools for team leaders to intervene directly, addressing situations on their own that might develop among and between team members.

Aug 07 Building Team Pride and Purpose                     $175/workbook included

Aug 21 Resolving Conflict With Your Team                   $175/workbook included

Creating Stellar Customer Relations

Improving skills for customer service—whether external or internal—and how to create positive defining  moments during every interaction is what this training will entail.  Participants will learn to improve their  customer service skills by integrating key knowledge and concepts with the tactical demands of their everyday workflow.

Sep 04 Reaching for Stellar Service                             $175/workbook included

Sep 18 Caring For Customers                                      $175/workbook included

Managing the Performance of Others

As a manager, supervisor, or leader of a work group or team, performance leaders help others do the work that  ultimately makes an organization successful.  The skills taught in these classes will help participants prepare for many different performance-related discussions. Learn how to handle performance expectations with others in a way that increases their sense of ownership and gains their commitment.  You will also learn how to address       recurring or serious performance problems and build motivation for improvement.

Oct 02 Clarifying Performance Expectations             $175/workbook included

Oct 16 Correcting Performance Problems                  $175/workbook included

Problem Solving Results: Solutions, Improvements, and Innovations

The intense demands of business today can create a serious gap between “what is” and “what’s expected.” When closing this gap is your responsibility, you may find yourself asking, “what is the best approach?”  The ability to  create innovative solutions and leverage opportunities for improvement is more critical than ever.  The key to  these outcomes lies in the integration of two key components: people and process.

Oct 30  Connecting People And Processes                 $249/includes workbook for all 4 classes

Nov 06 Exploring Gaps, Causes and Solutions

Nov 13 Deciding On a Solution

Nov 20 Making It Happen       

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