Technology Policy Council

Alignment with College ENDS: E-101 Learner Community & E-105 College Community


Purpose:  To lead, determine, communicate and promote the campus technology climate, initiatives, standards and priorities, to recommend to the President and Cabinet the strategic direction if IT and identified priorities/initiatives, to communicate strategic guidance and priorities to the Technology Advisory Committee and provide leadership/support for their efforts, to solicit advice and information from the Technology Advisory Committee that can shape the College’s strategic initiative and IT priorities. 


Charge:  Develop a comprehensive technology plan; periodically define and redefine "technology" relative to the college and its mission; review changing needs and plans for future technology, including academic, administrative and distance learning and present recommendations for acceptance and implementation; serve as a technology clearinghouse for the college-wide community to share information and help create consistent procedure and policy recommendations; assure effective and efficient use of resources and personnel consistent with the technology master plan.




Jason Degn  


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Steve Gates

Tim Cornelius

Todd Kitchen

Ricky Tompkins


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VP/Business, Health, & Corporate Learning

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