Technology Change Planning Sub-Committee

Alignment with College ENDS: E-105 College Community


Purpose: To provide client input on all networking, telecommunications, security, hardware and software platforms, and interconnectivity issues and activities; to plan, communicate and coordinate all technology changes in concert with affected user groups and to report progress to the Technology Policy Council. 


Charge:  Coordinate maintenance and enhancements of all technology systems (Banner, portal, Blackboard, Ad Astra, etc.) to insure all affected parties are informed about scheduled changes so as to minimize negative impact on constituencies.




Laquita Dees


IT Programming

Team Members













Ex-Officio Members

Jason Degn

Marie Scharfenberg

Melinda Schmohl

Alan Kearny

Janet O'Neill

Roxann Maish

Natalie Undernehr

Kim Purdy

Craig Heinze


Kate Burkes

Amy Sagely

David Brigman


 Debi Buckley


IT/Technology services

HR & Finance

Corporate Learning

IT/Technology Services

Staff Development

Learner Services

IT/Technology Services

Institutional Research

IT/network and infrastructure


Distance Learning

IT/Technology services

IT/ Programming


 AVP Technology Services




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