Student Learning Assessment

Alignment with College ENDS: E-101 Student Community & E-104 Pre-K-16 Community


Purpose:  To be developed and articulated. 


Charge:  Monitor student achievement of general education, developmental, transfer and workforce program learning outcomes, making any needed recommendations to improve student performance.




LeAnn Caudle  

Learning Assessment Faculty Coordinator

Team Member










Ex-Officio Member

Lisa Anderson

Marcus Williams

Sammi Eddie

Caey Hammond

Marjorie Whitmire

Beverly Kelley

Mary Moore

Christiane Valentine

Kevin Weakly

Megan Bolinder


 Steve Gates


Institutional Research

Institutional Effectiveness Representative

Health Professions

Business & Computer Information



Communication & Arts

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Communication & Arts


 Senior Vice President for Learning/Provost