Learner Technology Sub-Committee

Alignment with College ENDS: E-105 College Community


Purpose:  To annually advise and recommend to the Technology Policy Council the College's learner computing needs as related to teaching and learning, to monitor and report progress on implementation and delivery of those computer-based technologies aimed at advancing teaching and learning, to provide input on the strategic planning and budgeting for campus technology and to assist with the assessment and evaluation of the Information Technology Tech & Help Desk. Topical areas may include learner support systems architecture, hardware and software selection standards and instructional platforms. 


Charge:  Coordinate projects, upgrades and enhancements to Banner software; recommend institutional policies and procedures that improve the access to/use of Banner software; assure that employees receive training to use the Banner software effectively.




Marvin Galloway  

Dean/Math & Science

Team Members














Ex-Officio Members

Tim Cornelius

Jason Degn

Susan Pike

Marvin Galloway

Mary Ross

Christine Davis

Jerry Vervack

Anita Jones

Brooke Holt

Kate Burkes

Eric Vest

Cathy Marak

Greg Kiser

Victor Chalfant


 Debi Buckley


VP/Business, Health and Corporate Learning


AVP/Corporate Learning

Dean/Math & Science

Dean/Health Professions

Dean/Business & Computers

Dean/Social & Behavioral Programs

Dean/Communication & Arts

Dean/Learner Success

Director/Distance Learning

Director/Learning Lab/ ASC

Program Coordinator/Computer Networking  AAS

Dept. Chair/Social Sciences

Program Coordinator/Graphic Design AAS


 AVP Technology Services