Hispanic Student Support

Alignment with College ENDS: E-101 Learner Community & E-105 College Community


Purpose:  To support students who are non-native speakers of English; the majority of whom are Latino students. 


Charge:  To cultivate and engage the Hispanic/Latino students within the college community in service and leadership, achieving academic success and to raise scholarship funds (currently there is a scholarship fund already in place in the Foundation office).




Codie Ryan

Learner Services

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Ex-Officio Members

Greg Fields

Kathryn Birkhead

Vicki Johnson

Dale Montgomery

Ed Rogers

Gloria Mallow

Beverly Grau

Joshua Richey

Juanita Franklin

Ann Turner

Virginia Ramirez

Verencia Perea

Student Mentor


 Ricky Tompkins


Communication & Arts

Diversity & Inclusion

Adult Education

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Title III

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