Global and International Steering Committee

Alignment with College ENDS: 


Purpose: The College has recently renewed its commitment to global and international education. Statements on values, philosophy, goals and needs have been written to guide the College’s future work. A Steering Committee will play a major role in this effort.


    Charge:   The following should guide the committee’s work:

1.    To recommend to the Senior Vice President for Learning/Provost (or his/her designee) strategic actions for achieving the College’s Global Development Goals and Needs.

2.    To establish the annual agenda by setting priorities according to the College’s broader goals and planning accordingly.   

3.    To develop strategies that further advance awareness, engagement, and support for the College’s global goals and needs.  

4.    To identify potential resources and partners for delivering services/activities connected to the College’s Global Goals and Needs. 

5.    To contribute to the College’s friend/ fund raising and grant application efforts in support of Global Goals and Needs.   

6.    To report progress, results, and events through ongoing communication: posting of meeting agendas and minutes, collaboration with Public Relations on important events, presentations to or meetings with, key College stakeholder groups.




Mary Machira  

Director/International Student Services

Team Members









Ex-Officio Members

Chris Neyland

Kurtis Cecil

Yanick St. Jean

Jeff Sprott

Cindy King

Beverly Grau

Christina Mitchel

Jerry Vervack

Dede Hamm


 Steve Gates


Business & Computer information

Science & Mathematics

Social & Behavior Sciences

Health Professions

Communication & Arts


Learner Support Services

Dean of Social & Behavioral Sciences



 Senior Vice President for Learning/Provost