Faculty Handbook and Policy Review

Alignment with College ENDS: E-101 Student Community & E-105 College Community


Purpose:  To be developed and articulated. 



   1)  Review the faculty handbook to insure the document

·         Is accurate, matching administrative practice, the Administrative Procedures Manual, employee handbook, student handbook and other relevant portions of the college catalog.  The committee will need to monitor changes in each document updating the Handbook as needed;

·         Includes all policies, procedures and resources that affect faculty but not redundant of policies and procedures that are include din other official documents;

·         Recognizes policies and procedures unique to departments or divisions, credit and noncredit programs, technical and transfer programs, full-time and part-time faculty;

·         Is easily accessible by all faculty members.

2)  Alert the Senate to inconsistencies, contradictions, or inappropriate policies and procedures affecting faculty.

3)  Assigned by the Senate, craft changes to the policies and procedures affecting faculty. The will present the draft for approval by the faculty before recommending it to the administration.

4)  Report to the Senate at least once a year or more often as requested by the Senate.






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