Emeritus/Sabbatical Leave Applications Review

Alignment with College ENDS: E-105 College Community


Purpose:  To be developed and articulated. 


Charge:  Establish/review criteria for awarding emeritus status and sabbatical leave; evaluate applications and pass most deserving applicants on to the president's cabinet.




Miles Fish


Team Member












Ex-Officio Member

Steve Cooper

Carey Chaney

Denise Nemec

Cindy King

Chris Huggard

Cindy Hammons

Victor Chalfant

April Brown

Tim McGinn

Mary Hubbard

Sandy Tedder

Judy Tobler


 Ricky Tompkins



Faculty/Math & Science Faculty


Faculty/Arts and Communication

Faculty/Social & Behavioral Science

Faculty/Math & Science

Faculty/Arts and Communication

Social  & Behavioral Science

Communication & Arts

Volunteer English

Volunteer Math & Science

Volunteer Social & Behavioral Science


 Interim VP/Learning