Distance Learning

Alignment with College ENDS: E-101 Student Community & E-105 College Community


Purpose:  Provide direction for distance learning programming. 


Charge:  Develop a vision of what NWACC's distance learning programs should become over the next 3-5 years; recommend strategies to achieve that vision using all necessary resources; report findings and recommendation for subsequent action.




Kate Burkes  

Director/Distance Learning

Team Members










Ex-Officio Members

Nily Al-Banna

Sarah Beth Phillips

Jacqueline Jones

Tina Cikanek

Amber Holtz

Greg Kiser

Christine Davis

Rebecca Webb

Susan Holmes

Jorge Amaral 


Dr. Steve Gates


Distance Learning

Learner Services/Advising

Communication & Arts

Health Professions

Math & Science

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Business & Computer Information

Business & Computer Information

Communications & Arts

Early College Experience


 Sr. VP for Learning & Provost