Alignment with College ENDS: E-101 Student Community & E-104 Pre-K-16 Community


Purpose:  To be developed and articulated. 


Charge:  Review and recommend proposals concerning new courses for credit or noncredit; changes in title, number, description, prerequisites; and deletions after annual catalog review.




Kelley Rose

Business & CIS

Team Members











Ex-Officio Member

Erin Wirth-Beaumont

Brooke Holt

Curtis Harrell

Barbara Rademacher

Khalil Sharif

Jeff Jackson

Monica Moore

Gina Johns

Rachel Ackerman

Miles Fish

Valor Pickett

Jeff Sprott


 Steve Gates


Social & Behavioral Sciences

Student Records

Academic Deans

Math & Science

Math & Science

Communication & Arts

Transfer Center

Learner Support Services


Communication & Arts

Social & Behavioral Science

Allied Health


 Senior Vice President for Learning/Provost