College Credit Calendar Subcommittee

Alignment with College ENDS: E-101 Learner Community


Purpose:  Manage, oversee, and communicate all aspects of the academic calendar. 


Charge:  Set dates of the various academic terms, starting and ending times of classes, institutional calendar based on the academic terms and state regulations; handle questions or challenges, including technological, related to academic scheduling and the institutional calendar.




Brooke Holt


Dean Learner Success

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Ex-Officio Members

Roxann Maish

Michelle Cordell

Julie Jarrett

Tracy Vaughn

Christine Davis

Dianna Nagel


Lindsey Robinson

Diana Portillo

Sherry Slay

Ricky Tompkins

David Brigman

Lisa Anderson

Susan Todd

Linda Richardson

Kate Burkes

Melissa Jordan

Beverly Kelley


 Todd Kitchen


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