Administrative Services Sub-Committee

Alignment with College ENDS: E-105 College Community


Purpose: Assure timely implementation and effective, continuous improvement of College information software and systems. 


Charge:  Coordinate projects, upgrades, and enhancements to College systems; recommend institutional policies and procedures; assure training.




Alan Kearny


IT/Database Administrator

Team Members


























Ex-Officio Members

Gulizar Baggson

Roxann Maish

Linda Richardson

Gwen Dobbs

Shannon Siebler

Brenda Green

Eric Vest

Natalie Undernehr

Jean Anderson

Laquita Dees

Craig Heinze

Paula Carollo

Melinda Schmohl

Diana Johnson

Lynda Lloyd

Jennifer Burton

Diane Boss

Amy Sagely

Brooke Holt

Tay Sha Carter

Heather Worley

David Brigman

Jessica Miller

Naomi Smith

Marilyn Pickrel

Marie Scharfenberg


 Debi Buckley


Budget, Analysis & Reporting

Learner Services

Behavioral/Social Sciences


Testing Center

Off-Campus Programs

Academic Advising

IT/Technology Services

College at the Crossings

IT Programming

Networks & Infrastructure

WCC admissions and student records

Corporate Learning

High School Relations/ECE

Staff Development

IT/Technology Service

Food Services & Event Management


Learner Success

Student Records

Human Resources


Student Records

IT/Technology Services

Financial Aid



 AVP Technology Services