Meet our Staff!


General Professional Development Questions

Lynda Lloyd
Director of Institutional Policy & Professional Development
BH 1128.9

Pam Belcher
Coordinator of Professional Development
BH 1129

New Employee Orientation & On-Boarding
Supervisor NWACC
5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace
Employee Development
Professional Development Day
MBTI & CPI 260© Leadership Assessment

Janet O'Neill
Coordinator of Technology & Compliance Training
BH 1130

Technology Training
          Outlook, Banner, Argos, Microsoft Office Products, WCMS, Web Time Entry
Annual Employee Compliance Training
          FERPA, Ethics, Title IX, Harassment, EEO
Customized Training Requests




Additional training can be requested by completing the Training Request Form.  Once your request is submitted, a team member from Professional  Development will contact you to discuss your training and/or development needs.