Department of Public Safety

Lost Property Report Form

You will be contacted if your item is turned in to Public Safety

Please fill out this form and submit at the bottom. Completing this form will file a Lost Property Report with the department of Public Safety. We will use the information you provide to check our Lost and Found. Please complete as much information as possible. If your item was stolen, do NOT submit this form. Contact Public safety at 479-619-4229 24-hours a day and let the dispatcher know you need to file a theft report. Lost Property Reports are checked against incoming items. You will be contacted via your preferred method IF your item is found. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required fields.

Item (type). Simple description of item (example: grey sweatpants, white iPhone). Enter more descriptive information in the Other Identifying information boxes.

Description (as detailed as possible). Enter more descriptive information here. If the item lost is a cell phone, please include the phone number of the lost phone.

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