Mathematics, Physics & Engineering

Placement Information:  Prerequisites/Co-Requisites and Test Scores

Success in mathematics courses depends upon hard work, commitment to the subject and proper placement. Prerequisites will be strictly enforced. Students who fail to provide the Mathematics Department with evidence of an acceptable mathematics background or an adequate placement test score will not be allowed to register for mathematics classes.

Placement Tests

Before taking any math placement test, it is strongly recommended that you first spend some time preparing for the test.   Algebra Learning Modules contain video demonstrations, practice problems, and answers designed to help review math.  These files were created by Brazosport Community College.   

 If you know your math placement test scores (ACT or COMPASS), refer to the NWACC Course Placement Chart.   If you have earned a “C” or better in a course,you may enroll in any prerequisite course.  For example, if you earned a “C” in Calculus I, then you may enroll in College Algebra without verifying test scores.

Prerequisite Reference for Developmental Mathematic Courses at NWACC  

COURSEREQUIRED PREREQUISITE(S)  (A grade of “C” or better must be earned in any prerequisite course.)NOTES
MATH 0013
No math prerequisite, General College Admittance required (GED/Diploma)This course does not transfer.
MATH 0053
Beginning Algebra
PreAlgebraThis course does not transfer.
MATH 0103
Intermediate Algebra
Beginning AlgebraThis course does not transfer.



 For questions about prerequisites and course placement, please contact the departmental advisor  Melissa Smith