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MATH 0103 Intermediate Algebra

Prerequisites for this course:

Beginning Algebra (MATH 0053) or Beginning Algebra With Review (MATH 0054) with a grade of C or better, or appropriate placement scores.

To see required placement test scores, click this link:  Placement Chart .

Math courses for which this is a prerequisite:

MATH 1204, College Algebra; MATH 1103, Survey of College Mathematics; MATH 1285 Precalculus Mathematics.

To see the Math Course Flowchart, click this link:  Flowchart.

Standard Course Outline for MATH 0103 in PDF format

Microsoft Word DocumentsPDF Documents
Standard List of Topics Math 0103Standard List of Topics Math 0103

Departmental final exam review            

Departmental final exam review
Answers to Departmental ReviewAnswers to Departmental Review

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Intermediate Algebra Textbook

 Course Coordinator is Victoria McClendon.


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