NWACC Communications & Cinematic Studies

turner photo

Marc Turner
Subject Coordinator, Communications
BH 1107
(479) 619-4126

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Steve Cooper
Subject Coordinator, Cinematic Studies
BH 2112
(479) 619-4261


Susan Holmes
JFC 209
(479) 619-9233

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Megan Bolinder
Film Arts Instructor
BH 2306
(479) 619-2289

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Tina Jones
Communications & Film Arts Instructor
BH 1119
(419) 619-4323


 Victor Chalfant
Subject Coordinator, Graphic Design
BH 1153
(479) 619-4288



Mary Moore
BH 1007
(479) 619-4228


 Mary Beth Haas
Graphic Design Instructor
 BH 2303
(479) 619-2303

 Adjunct Faculty Communications    Adjunct Faculty
Film Arts

Celia Anderson
Benny Bell
Deven Chambers
Jeremy Dubbs
Molly Haas
Alex Liles


Erick Roebuck
Nancy Smith
Robert Tucker
Steve Voyak

Trent Jones



New to the Communications & Cinematic Studies Department:

New Certificate of Proficiency in Cinematic Studies (CINE):

CINE Certificate

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