Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management

Hospitality Course Descriptions

HOSP 1003 Introduction to Hospitality 

This course provides a global look at hospitality with career opportunities in food service, hotels, clubs and related businesses such as hospitals, schools, casinos and the military.  The course pays special attention to what training is needed to obtain careers in the industry and how students can prepare for industry careers.

HOSP 1103 Supervisory Management

This course is designed to develop a basic understanding of the principles of management and the application of those principles of managing the resources of a lodging or foodservice operation. Study for this course will outline the framework for the supervision, supervisory responsibilities, tools used in supervision and developing effectiveness as a supervisor. Prerequisite: HOSP 1003.

HOSP 1203 Nutrition for Foodservice

This course will examine the basic principles of nutrition, including their application to food preparation and menu planning. Attention is given to providing nutritional balanced and attractive meals. Menu planning using sound nutritional guidelines is stressed. Selection of lower calorie, low fat, low sodium, and their applications on special diets will be introduced. Prerequisite: None.

HOSP 1303 Hospitality Purchasing

This course is designed to explore the process of selection and procurement in the hospitality industry. This course will explore the use of technology in the purchasing function, the channels of distribution for products and services and the importance of product specification. Students will learn how to evaluate products and write product specifications. Prerequisite: HOSP 1003.

HOSP 1403 Hospitality Marketing

This course is designed to provide students with basic knowledge and practical experience which will enable them to develop strategic marketing plans for hotel/motel, restaurants and private club properties.  Prerequisites:  HOSP 1003.

HOSP 1503 Catering and Banquet Service

Students will receive instruction and practice in the basics of catering and banquet operations both on-premise and off-premise. This course will cover menu making and food presentation, contract writing, financial concerns, function set-up and supervision. Students will learn how to successfully balance a catering operation that will both satisfy their customers and attain a profitable bottom line. Prerequisites: HOSP 1003, HOSP 1303.

HOSP 1613 Introduction to Event Planning

This course provides students with a practical introduction to the strategies and techniques event-planning professionals use to bring together for meetings, conventions and non-traditional events.

HOSP 1803 Travel and Tourism

Students will learn what components go into making up the travel and tourism industry. Topics will also include the effect of travel and tourism on the hotel and restaurant business and what career paths are available to students. Special emphasis will be placed on the topic of the importance of tourism to the state of Arkansas. Prerequisite: HOSP 1003.

HOSP 2003 Beverage Management

This course is designed to provide students with the practical knowledge needed to responsible manage a profitable bar or beverage operations.  Course work will involve looking at and planning for business profitability keeping safety and legal issues in mind.  Topics including identification and usage, purchasing, responsible alcohol service. Prerequisite: HOSP 1003, HOSP 1303

HOSP 2103 Hospitality Layout and Menu Design

This course will instruct the student on how to plan, design and develop food service and hospitality operations from the beginning concepts stages to project end.  Attention will be given to all aspects of development from the importance of location selection, menu planning, facility design and layout and equipment purchases. A hospitality design project will be the cornerstone of this course. Prerequisites: HOSP 1003, HOSP 1303.

HOSP 2303 Hospitality Operations

This course offers further study and practical hands on training in key hospitality concepts that are usied every day in restaurants and hotels.  Topic include concept design and development, location selection, budgeting, labor issues such as selecion and traiining equipment selecion, purchasing, guestrelations and profitability. This course will require outside practical work outside of the standard classroom with local hospitality operations. CULY 1003, HOSP 1003, HOSP 1103, HOSP 1303

HOSP 2403 Hospitality Internship

This course encompasses a supervised work experience in the major field which provides the opportunity to make practical application of the knowledge and skills attained through coursework. An individualized instructional management plan will determine goals to be accomplished. Seminars may also be required. This course will serve as the Capstone course for Hospitality majors.  Please see the Program director for an internship application. Prerequisites:  Permission of program director.