Department of Computer Information


Full-Time Faculty

Allen Baker
Programming, Computer Information System
SGBDC 2014   •   479.986.6390
MS Electrical Engineering, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist


Amy Bensinger
CAD Program Coordinator & Instructor
SGBDC 1042   •   479.619.2262
M Ed Educational Technology   •   University of Arkansas


Jeremy Gammill
Web Design; Computer Information System
SGBDC 2007   •   479.619.4273
Master of Information Systems   •   University of Arkansas


Erica Holliday
Computer Information Systems
SGBDC 2042   •   479.986.4058
PhD Adult Education   •   University of Arkansas


Art Kazmierczak
Networking and Security; Computer Information Systems
SGBDC 2031   •   479.619.3126
PhD Computer Science


Ralph B Lantz
Networking; Computer Information Systems
SGBDC 1041   •   479.619.2239
MS Computer Science


Cathy Marak
Coordinator for Computer Networking Program; CISCO Networking
SGBDC 1040   •   479.619.4310
M Ed   •   University of Arkansas; CCNA Certification; CCNA Security Training; CCNP Training


Angela Peace
Photoshop; Web Design; Computer Information Systems
SGBDC 2012   •   479.619.4381
MBA & JD   •   University of Arkansas; Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer & Certified Novell Engineer


Suzanne Sever
Programming; Computer Information Systems; Database Management
SGBDC 2039   •   479.619.4260
MA Education/Post-Grad Computer Science   •   University of Houston Clear Lake


Cristy Stamps
Excel and ACCESS Database; Computer Information Systems
SGBDC 2013   •   479.619.4271
MAT   •   University of Arkansas


Rebecca Webb
Department Chair; Excel, ACCESS, Computer Information Systems
SGBDC 2009   •   479.619.4286
MSIS Information Systems & Management   •   Arkansas State University



Adjunct Faculty

Julie Amos
Janet M Atwood
Kate Burkes
John Coleman
John F Gore

Allen B Hart
Mark McCrary
Julia Melton
Linda Phelps
Donald Schultz

Suzanne Sever



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