Department of Business


Full-Time Faculty

Bryan Aguiar
Economics; General Business
SGBDC 2007   •   479.619.2235
D B A   •   Argosy University


LeAnn Caudle


SGBDC 2041   •   479.619.4379
M B A   •   Webster University


Keith Foster
Data Analysis; Mathematics


SGBDC 2034   •   (on leave until 2016)
MS Mathematics   •   University of Arkansas


Christopher Neyland
Management; General Business


SGBDC 2013   •   479.986.4081
M B A   •   University of Arkansas


Kelley Rose
Marketing & Management


SGBDC 2040   •   479.986.4080
M B A   •   John Brown University


Sheila Smith
Accounting; General Business


SGBDC 2030   •   479.619.4330
M B A   •   Alcorn State University


Greg Swango
Accounting; General Business


SGBDC 2015   •   479.619.4272
MS Accountancy   •   Oklahoma State University


Lindel Townsley
Economics; General Business


SGBDC 2032   •   479.619.4319
M B A   •   University of Arkansas


Matthew Voss
Business & Entrepreneurship Faculty


SGBDC 2030   •   479.619.3141
M B A   •   Ball State University



Adjunct Faculty

Deborah Austin
Jehiah Burchfield
Shannon Demuth
 Lise Frulio
              Guy Gagliardi                
 Casey Hammond
Holly Hook
Kent Kehmeier
Bert Kell
Craig Langford


Aulton Mitchell
Amber Murphy
Mark C Newman
Bob O'Neal
Terry Phillips
James Pilant
Travis Roberson
Randy Rose
John Schrieber
Alan Woolfolk


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