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Frequently Asked Questions

NWACC understands that students and employees have many questions during these uncertain times. Feel free to view the answers that we are able to provide at this time.

Due the fluidity of the situation, we'll continue to update these answers as often as possible. We appreciate your patience.

If you don't see an answer to your question, feel free to contact our Virtual Student Success Center for assistance. You can email or text/call 918-612-0148.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will fall classes be online?

This fall, NWACC plans to offer a variety of course options designed to offer you a high-quality education and a safe environment. Course instruction will include face-to-face, a hybrid of face-to-face and remote, as well as remote and online only.

  • Face-to-Face: Many of the lab and technical courses will offer social distancing face-to-face instruction at a set time and at a physical location. Social distancing guidelines will limit the number of students. 

  • Hybrid Face-to-Face and Remote: Some courses will be offered through a hybrid approach which includes social distancing face-to-face instruction and remote instruction through a video conferencing tool. Classrooms will include camera technology that will allow students to view the lecture remotely, in real time.

  • Remote (scheduled time): Some courses will be offered to students remotely through a video conferencing tool at a scheduled time. The class will be presented live and students will be able to ask questions and participate in discussions.

  • Online (anytime): Many courses will be offered to students by online technology and NOT at a scheduled time. Instructors will be available to answer questions by email or other conferencing technology.

Current students are encouraged to connect with their advisors for course recommendations and registration assistance. Feel free to contact with any further questions.

What do I do about completing my degree on time since the classes I need to finish are not held in the summer? Please email or schedule a meeting with your academic advisor as soon as possible to explore course options, and to talk about alternative possibilities. If you are unsure who your advisor is, please call the Enrollment Support Center at 479-986-4000 or email to be connected with your advisor.

How do I get help figuring out how much I have left for my associate degree, where do I stand academically and what are my options going forward? Your academic advisor can assist you in mapping out your final courses, reviewing your academics, and building a game plan for the future! To prepare for an appointment with your advisor, you can review your degree audit. Your degree audit marks your finished, in-progress, and remaining courses.

Can we just email advisors? Or is there some way, like zoom, to kind of meet with them? Advisors are working through a mix of email, phone, and Skype appointments. They can flex to your needs! If you are unsure who your advisor is, please call the Enrollment Support Center at 479-986-4000 or email to be connected with your advisor.

I'm not sure what courses I can take or why I cannot sign up for the classes I need to complete my degree. How do I find out this information? Please email or schedule a meeting with your academic advisor as soon as possible as you are most likely running into prerequisite errors. Courses on your degree plan sometimes require a strict structure, and your advisor can assist you in navigating your course plan, initiating course substitutions, etc. If you are unsure who your advisor is, please call the Enrollment Support Center at 479-986-4000 or email to be connected with your advisor.

I would like to drop my classes this semester due to COVID19, what are my options? Since the deadline to withdraw from spring 2020 courses has passed, please review the Late Withdrawal Appeal form.

How can I get help choosing the right classes to start this summer? Whether your intention is to take classes for transfer, personal and professional development, and/or to complete your degree with NWACC, your academic advisor can assist you in course recommendations for summer/fall 2020. If you are unsure who your advisor is, please call the Enrollment Center at 479-986-4000 or email to be connected with your advisor.

I need help enrolling for the next college year, will it be in my NWACC email? If you have been accepted for admission to begin in either the summer or fall semester, your enrollment advisor will send a welcome email to both your personal and NWACC student email. This welcome email will assist you with the steps for registration for your courses, and serve as a connection to your advisor. If you are unsure who your advisor is, please call the Enrollment Support Center at 479-986-4000 or email to be connected with your advisor.

How do I sign up for next year's classes? Registration for summer and fall is open currently, and courses can be added through your My NWACC under "Registration" unless you have active holds or need to complete online orientation.

Will NWACC use pass or fail during the pandemic? NWACC will not be moving to a pass or fail grading system.

There's a hold on my account, so I can’t register for classes. How do I solve this so I can register? Due to the varying nature of hold types, please contact the Enrollment Support Center so your hold can be reviewed. Holds such as missing MMR/TB documentation were moved to allow for registration at this time. Please note that MMR/TB documentation requirements will need to be be satisfied before a student can attend a class on campus. Please email or 479-986-4000, option 1 to be connected.

How can I turn in my registration papers for next semester? Documents can be submitted as PDF through the dropbox found in your My NWACC under "Uploading Documents," or by mail to: 
ATTN: Enrollment Services
NorthWest Arkansas Community College
One College Dr.
Bentonville, AR 72712.

Are we taking finals online too? Please follow up with each of your instructors regarding the nature of your final exam, project, etc. There will be no on-campus proctoring services or exams due to campus closure.

What happens if I don’t pass due to it going online? Please email or schedule a meeting with your academic advisor as soon as possible to make a game plan for your future courses, review financial aid impact, and to explore retaking the course if needed. If you are unsure who your advisor is, please call the Enrollment Support Center at 479-986-4000 or email to be connected with your advisor.

Can I take one class over the summer? Registration for summer and fall is open currently, and courses can be added through your My NWACC Connection under "Registration" unless you have active holds or need to complete online Orientation. If you are having trouble signing up for the course or would like to review financial aid possibilities for one course, please contact the Enrollment Support Center. Please email or 479-986-4000, option 1 to be connected.

I’m not sure where or if I would like to transfer to finish my degree. How can I get some help with this process? NWACC's Transfer Services can help you navigate through the process of selecting, applying and transferring credits to a four-year institution. Feel free to view our Transfer Services web page and email to learn about your options.

As a student with a disability, I have questions about how online classes will work for me and how to gain access to academic accommodations. Where can I go for more information and guidance? If you have a disability or medical condition that affects your access to online classes and services at NWACC, the Disability Resource Center (DRC) may be a great resource. The center offers a variety of academic accommodations and support services to eligible students, which are uniquely suited to an individuals needs. The DRC staff can also provide you with ongoing guidance and support throughout your time at NWACC. Feel free to email to learn how the DRC can support your needs.

What does the campus being closed mean for applying for the nursing program? How will we be taking the HESI and conducting interviews? How I’m supposed to take the HESI if school is not open? Applying for the nursing program will work how it has in the past. The Nursing Department has arranged for the HESI to be given at multiple times and will only allow nine students at a time with a mask. It has been arranged for the nursing program to be able to bring students into the lab and simulation rooms 6-8 at a time since the lab is so large. Again, everyone must have a mask. Didactic is 100% online. Everything done now will be in a limited number and it will take us longer to do, but it will take place. HESI dates will be posted in the announcements around May 17th, plus you'll receive an email with dates and times for signing up. The test is about four hours long and you will be getting instructions by email from nursing assistant Terry Bland. There will be testing dates for June 1, 2 and 3. However, it may take even longer. Feel free to email or visit the nursing program web page for the most updated information regarding the nursing program.

Having my class moved online has been very challenging, how can I get help with my math assignments? NWACC's Math Center offers tutoring via email or Zoom (appointment only) from Monday through Thursday 10 am - 5 pm and Friday 10 am - 2 pm. Any emails sent after those times will be answered the next working day. Zoom tutoring is offered in 30 minute tutoring blocks. Feel free to email to set up an appointment.

How can I get some help with writing a paper for my class? NWACC's Writing Center can assist you with grammar and punctuation and other constructive feedback. Tutors are available to help through email consultations. You can visit the Writing Centers webpage to complete their consultation form and attach the document to be reviewed. Virtual tutoring by Zoom is available. Contact Mrs. Bach by emailing and a tutor will then contact students with a Zoom appointment. 

I need some extra help with my science homework. How do I access tutors now? You can get your science, math and other subject questions answered by experienced student tutors. Feel free to check out the tutoring schedule to see when tutors are available for a Skype meeting or you can use Brainfuse within My NWACC to live chat with tutors as well. Typically, NWACC’s tutoring services are available throughout the week, even on Saturdays.


How do I take the Accuplacer now that we are in quarantine? The Accuplacer is now being offered online through with the Testing Center staff and through a online company called Examity. This service is for NWACC students only. Please email for more information.

What’s the returning policy for books rented from the bookstore? If you have rented a textbook from the NWACC Bookstore, here’s the return process:

You will receive reminder emails with free shipping labels to return your rental books. If you do not want to wait for the reminder email you can visit the bookstore website: to get a free label.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Homepage and click on Textbook Rentals.
  • Click on Rental Return
  • Follow instructions on printing the free label

We suggest using either the emailed or website labels because they are from UPS and will be delivered to the bookstore before the college reopens. If you use the post office, the books will not get to the bookstore until the campus reopens. If you have any questions, contact

What’s the policy on returning and getting books at the library? Since the NWACC campus is currently closed, the library is also closed. The library’s services such as access to course textbooks, online help, consultations, materials, tools, etc., are currently available virtually. Anything that was checked out prior to the campus closing is due May 8th. The library will have a book drop in front of Burns Hall and will email those users who have books and media checked out so they understand how to return those items to the book drop. Equipment cannot be returned in the book drop. Those who have checked out equipment will be emailed instructions on the return process for those items. If you have any further library questions, feel free to email


I have questions about my financial aid, who can I speak to? The Enrollment Support Center can assist you with any questions concerning your financial aid file. Please email or call 479-986-4000, option 1 to be connected.

I need help in competing the FAFSA application for 2020-2021. I haven’t started it because I had planned to go to an advisor face to face but now I can’t and haven’t started it. How can I get help? The Enrollment Support Center can assist you with any questions you run into while completing your 2020-2021 FAFSA. Please email or call 479-986-4000, option 1 to be connected.

I was wondering when the refund checks would come in because I was waiting on the money to help with groceries. The status of your refund can be viewed in your My NWACC Touchnet eServices located underneath "Treasurer." For further questions, please contact the Treasurer's Office at

Why do you hold my refund for three months after the semester has started? Financial aid disbursement is completed once your enrollment is verified after the last day to drop for a refund, and if it is your first time borrowing loans there is a 30-day waiting period. For more information on disbursement dates in relation to your registered courses, please contact the Enrollment Support Center. Please email or call 479-986-4000, option 1 to be connected.

Paying for future classes is going to be very difficult. Are there any financial resources that I can apply for? The NWACC Foundation has created the Student Emergency Assistance Fund to provide immediate assistance to students financially impacted by COVID-19 pandemic. If you're a student in need of emergency funds, you can apply online at

My finances have been negatively impacted due to the coronavirus, how can I get financial help? The NWACC Foundation has created the Student Emergency Assistance Fund to provide immediate assistance to students financially impacted by COVID-19 pandemic. If you're a student in need of emergency funds, you can apply online at


I heard about NWACC getting the CARE act funding from the government. Can you explain what that is and how it will affect the currently enrolled students? Also, how does the school decide which students get help from the CARE act.

The federal government’s CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) provides funding for direct financial support to eligible students who have experienced disruption to their education due to COVID-19.

Guidelines regarding student eligibility are provided by the US Department of Higher Education. NorthWest Arkansas Community College has received funds to administer to eligible students impacted by COVID-19.

We understand that the disruptions caused by COVID-19 mean more than simply transitioning to online or remote coursework. For some, these disruptions can lead to food insecurity, uncertainty regarding housing arrangements, and other challenges. The college hopes that eligible students are able to use these funds in a way that will best help them continue their education at NWACC. 

Student Eligibility Requirements Provided by the US Dept. of Higher Education:

  • Student has filed or eligible to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Student is a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen
  • Student has a valid Social Security number
  • Student is registered with Selective Service (if student is male)
  • Student has a high school diploma, GED, or has completed high school in an approved homeschool setting.
  • Student was not exclusively enrolled in online education courses on March 13, 2020, the date of the President’s Proclamation.

I'm not sure what kind of computer I should have for classes, especially if my class gets moved online due to COVID-19? NWACC's Computers and Technology web page is a great starting point when deciding what type of computers and technology can help you complete your college coursework.

I need help resetting my email password, who do I contact? NWACC's IT Help Desk line can offer tech support and password resets. Feel free to call them at 479-986-4000, option 3.  The IT Help Desk’s hours of operation are Monday – Thursday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, and closed on Friday..

Will there be a spring graduation? If so, when? Out of an abundance of caution and for the safety of our students, employees and community, NWACC postponed the spring 2020 commencement. Leadership has decided that the college will plan to hold an in-person ceremony in December for spring and fall 2020 graduates. Once more ceremony details are finalized, the college will be notified. 

And to honor the commitment, dedication and achievements of this year’s spring graduating class in a timely manner, the college also plans to host a virtual graduation celebration. Graduating students will be notified once details are finalized. We look forward to celebrating your success!

It’s hard for me to focus, stay motivated and emotionally well, which is affecting my grades. Are there any resources to help me? If you struggle with work/life balance, maintaining normalcy, adjusting to online classes, keeping a daily routine and accessing community resources, NWACC's counselors can help. Licensed counselors from NWACC's Counseling and Wellness Center's are available to help students, faculty and staff by video or phone. Email to schedule an appointment.

I'm having trouble being able to afford basic needs like food, paying my bills, etc. Are their any local organizations that can help me? The local non-profit, HarkNWA offers services to NWA including help for education, food, goods, housing, health, legal, money, social support, transportation/transit and employment assistance. In this season of COVID-19, if you are experiencing things like a sudden loss of income or are struggling to find needed resources, Hark can help. Hark connectors can assist with a free and confidential needs assessment and build you a customized resource plan of up-to-date community resources. You will also have access to financial assistance programs available, including Harks Catalyst Fund. The assessment takes only minutes. Fill out the contact form on their website and a connector from Hark will be in touch soon. Visit their website:



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