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Become a Culinary Professional

NWACC's Brightwater Culinary Arts program offers an inquiry-based approach that prepares students to become culinary professionals. The program encourages students to ask questions and experiment in order to facilitate a deep understanding of ingredients and cooking methods.

Students will learn how food is grown, transported, and processed. They’ll understand the impact of flavor as well as the impact food has on human health and the environment. All Culinary Arts students will participate in growing food at our on-campus farm, will learn butchery and charcuterie skills, methods of food preservation, and will study culinary nutrition following the innovative curriculum developed by the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine. 

Culinary skills will be showcased at Brightwater’s on-campus restaurant and through an internship designed to help individuals transition from student to professional. Brightwater strives to encourage our students to be influencers in society by seeing food as a more than just food, but as a connector to culture, art, the environment, and our own community.